Open source ERP  software with a source code that anyone can inspect, modify or enhance. These tools are designed to be publicly accessible and are commonly managed and maintained by organizations with a specific mission in mind. The open source ERP solutions included in this list are surprisingly full-featured, offering an expansive list of capabilities for a variety of users.

Enterprise resource planning is a business management system that integrates all facts of the business, including manufacturing, sales, planning and marketing. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments particular needs. ERP software helps employees do their jobs more efficiently

  • For Milk procurement which is the most consisting of many interconnecting parts function in a dairy, one requirement to define Co-operative Societies (Suppliers) attached to a especially great  district or region’s Union’s Dairy and details such as Address, Route, Collection time and society information like date of registration, Membership, directors, Bank Accounts etc.
  • Routes can be mentioned on factors like Societies covered, Distances, Truck arrival time, type of milk, Transporter and contract reports.
  • Details of Transporter containing the details of vehicle, the route which they cover, contact information etc.
  • Daily Milk Receipt quantity needs to be captured automatically from the Milk Weighing machine with details like Fat and SNF contents etc.
  • Daily Milk Receipt quantity needs to be captured automatically from the Milk Weighing machine with details like Fat and SNF contents etc.
  • Many Unions have plants in remote locations if distances are most and milk has chances of obtain spoilt in the bargain. These frightening. plants require to capture similar data and work on-line or offer data upload at any given interval that can be automatically or done manually.
  • Quality Control – Set of quality parts can be defined for milk with basic information like Cow milk, Buffalo milk or mixed milk, control by force. quality of milk from individual societies for all parts like Fat content and SNF. The data may be entered manually or can be control by force from the instruments directly if milk analyzer provides interface files. Raw milk by force rates are linked to quality parameters of milk for billing solutions.
  • Society-wise Billing cycle can be 3 times in a month or happening or weekly etc. This billing has to take into account other subtracting something. or bonus etc. for supplies done to the society while preparing these bills, apart from quality based upon  billing etc.

Billing cycle is  completely integrated with Finance, general stores and cattle feed plant to containg details of supplies done to societies. This can also be linked to veterinary services parts if it is operational within the ERP so that medical services can also be debited to society account

  • Cattle feed manufacturing, procurement for its raw material and distribution/sales is a different business process that is develop and integrated with the ERP software. Procurement cycle needs to cover the concept of broker/adatiya for ‘sauda’, advances, weigh-bridge integration, quality based rate variance for billing purposes and its linkage to society accounts for supplies done to them.
  • Veterinary services are an essential service offered by the Unions to their members to take care of their cattle stock. ERP  software should be capable to plan and monitor field visits, medicines supplied, vehicle management and their spares, expenses monitoring operations. It can provide information about the fact  of diseases, their seasonal effect, spread across villages and Doctors’ performance. It requires to be linked to stores, finance and HR.
  • Being a likely to decay commodity and low margin activity due to nature of business, the system would need to keep track on wastages due to spoilt milk or other products that may turn sour due to limitations of expiry, returned goods. These critical issues can provide or take away hidden margins not basically visible in normal operational data.
  • Packing material consumption, its reject by due to quality issues, spares consumption that could indicated problems with any plant machinery also form an integral part of ERP software.
  • At macro-level an ERP for dairies would require to keep an eye on expected production from given quantities of procurement, variance from  the norms, thus provide indicators about the health of operations at the action of obtaining  and manufacturing levels, losses due to returns, tracking sources of such losses and cost escalation can provide the right kind of controls required in ERP software  Solutions for dairy industry.