Importance of Tally ERP 9

importance of tally

Importance of Tally Accounting Software

Any business owner understands the importance of keep mainatin proper books of account. This practice surely that finance for the company is always in order and are correct at all given points of time. Company should always be prevent of its financial positions.

Earlier, most of the businesses were employing basic practice in maintaining books of account. However, with the arrival of modern information technology, this task can be carry out by accounting software. Tally is one such all powerful accounting software.

Tally accounting software supply a solution to all the problems real businesses have to unexpected.Single software takes care of all tasks required for enterprise management. Accounting task such as records keeping, accounts receivable and payable management and bank restoration are made simple through tally.

Financial management is also create simpler under Tally software. The software allows management of finances across various locations can handle multiple currency transactions, maintain cash flow and interest payment.

Thus, Tally software is flexible, reliable, secure, easy to use and affordable.




  • Data Import and Export Facility : You can import or export any especially data from one Company to another Company.
  • Audit Facility : Using this facility you can check the recorded voucher and make updation as per requirement.
  • Budgeting :Allows you to analyze the divergent (difference between actual and Standard ) for expenses , income, etc.
  • Scenario Management : Can be basically used for projected Profit and Loss A/c and Balance Sheet.
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Price List, Ageing Analysis for Stock Item : Rate of Product can be explain with its quantity.
  • Cost Center and Category-wise Account Analysis :These features are very essential for Unit –wise analysis, for Example: You may want to analyze employee-wise cost, Brach-wise Cost etc.
  • Usefulness in Manufacturing Business : important for calculation of Cost of Goods Sold.
  • Ratio Analysis, Cash Flow, Funds Flow
  • E-capabilities
  • Foreign Currency :it used  for calculation of foreign gain and loss using foreign currency.
  • Defining the Bill / Voucher Entry Setup.
  • Columnar Reporting related to Stock and Accounts.
  • Attachment of Purchase and Sales procedure such as Order, Challan, Bill.
  • Credit Control :Credit Control is possible for a Customer.
  • Tracking through Receipt / Delivery Notes.
  • Profitability Analysis of Stock.
  • Tally ERP 9 allows creation of Masters as businesses need to create different vouchersbased on their business.
  • We can enable additional advanced features without disturbing the previous recorded transactions like Batch number, order processing for sales and purchases.
  • Supports GST including GST Returns.
  • Can print invoice for Sales
  • Also generate e-way billeasily
  • Provide complete book-keeping includes Accounting, Inventory, Audit and Payroll.
  • In GST separate for Regularand Composite dealers.