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Retail ERP Software

Penny helps control leakage of stock, alteration/deletion of entries. In addition attractive feature of Theft Control keeps a check over returning unsold items. That means you can depend all over the loyalty of your faithful staff. In this way Penny prevents and automates any organization. During development of Penny Software, our team basically focused on costing point. Using Penny, You don’t have any need to purchase different Barcode Printer for printing barcode tags. With Hi End techniques Penny’s tags are large than 98% cheaper. Saving your money. Penny software especially designed access in mind the businessman who wish to do their billing by their staff. They require a fool proof system to control their business management. 

Theft control feature of Penny enables the businessman to record a check over returning unsold items, keeping your business in safe hands and saving your hard earned money.  Penny helps  all export formats like Excel, pdf, word, html, rtf etc. That means you can print of mail the sales bills to your customer or export the invoice so that your customer may import in his Penny Software. It keeps  a lot of your valuable time. While talking about accounting & Inventory software, each businessman wish to manage his personal and business accounts together for a complete view of his business, Stock & financials. Using Penny we can access  Personal accounts very safely along with our regular business accounts simultaneously.