sabzi mandi software

Sabzi Mandi E.R.P. Software

E.R.P. Software For Sabzi Mandi Commission Agents with Supplier / Customer Bills, Rate / Weight Adjustment, Stock Management, Accounts, Crates, Ugrahi Register and many more. The major problem in Sabzi Mandi is related to bad debts. If your accounts are not completely accessed and you have no watch over your daily customer, chances of bad debts are high. “Red Apple” shows you which customer has not reached for how many days. You can contact customer’s photographs with his account details etc. The stock balance of supplier is maintained lot wise.

Red Apple can browse the Internet and provide the user with a great experience on the Internet. Red Apple also features an extension dashboard that the user of the browser can make their own programs and submit a form for their program to be put into Red Apple as an extension, like other programs. Red Apple is developed in VB.NET making it very easy to understand and use. Red Apple may have some draw backs in how fast and secure the browser is, but it is a great peace of software that does exactly what you want it to do.

Red Apple is developed in VB.NET making it very easy to use and understand to the user. Red Apple also features a Extension Dashboard, giving the users the ability to submit their apps (programs) as extensions in Red Apple, like a simple calculator. Red Apple lets any developer submit any program that they have made, then giving it some exposure for others to try.

Red Apple features simplistic design and is very easy to use.