software for clinic lab

Software For Clinical Labs

Generate Accurate Test Reports, enable  patient records & countinue total control over your business with e-Lab Software. E-Lab is such a solution that handles your expensive data in a very composed and secure method, their is no file system so that your data redundancy is totally minimized. E-Lab is a very easy software to operate. There is no need to learn. no require for any training of computers. Everybody can establish easily e-lab software without any technical skills. E-Lab Software can be helps us in clinical labs to maintain accurate data of patients.

eLab, provided us Tru-Solutions, is medical diagnostic center and lab management software. The solution helps users complete different daily tasks including inventory management, financial transactions, billing and reporting. eLab is deployed on-premise and is suitable for medical laboratories of all sizes.

The solution request features and functionalities such as sample tracking, patient registration, appointment management, referral management, patient information management, procedure-based billing and a lab-instrument interface. eLab provides user-based maintain controls to provide authorized maintain to other staff members for features such as discounts, referrals and admin rights.

eLab creates graphical reports, adjusted day-by-day business reports or registration reports. The solution offers a designer module that enables users to develop and redesign professional test report templates. In addition, users can assign short codes to complex medical terms and place them in the result-entry forms to avoid manual mistakes.