software for milk man

Software For Milk Dairies

First time software esp. for Milk Dairies create in your own Language like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati Etc. keep FAT, SNF automatically from Eko milk analyzer machine.

Milky software is nicely design for milk collection centres at village level to handle their day to day accounts and dairy activities. Milky Software is completely integrated with Ultrasonic Eko Milk Machines, Weighing scales for FAT / SNF and weight calculations manually. So that at the period of morning and evening shift, there are number of farmers, handling their rush and calculations is very too long  process, that can be maintain very easily with Milky

The Automatic Milk Collection System provides several advantages over the long established manual method which was time consuming which finally resulted loss to cooperative societies and individuals.

Key Features of Dairy Milk Collection in Milky software

  1. Stock Management
  2. Fat
  3. Accounting
  4. Milk Collection
  5. Quantity


Farmers receive instant notifications whenever payment is credit to their accounts which help them keep track of their milk business.

  1. In Milky Software you can manage all dairies business.
  2. Also you can manage all work of dairies like Milk purchase, Milk Sale, Payment,  Farmer’s Ledger report, Complete Stock and Simple Accounting.
  3. Also You Define Milk Rate List Yourself.
  4. You also operate Software in any language.
  5. Also Milky Software is fully integrated with Ultrasonic Eko Milk Machines & Weighing scales for FAT / SNF and weight calculations respectively.
  6. You also send SMS at the time of payment.
  7. Also Pick weight from weighting scale.