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 VNEXT has best Courseware For Tally course in Una which has great features for learners and VNEXT EDUCATION PVT LTD  is creating accounting professional with the latest curriculum of ERP updated version 9.0, with GST ( Goods and Service Tax) in a very professional way by industry experienced accounts professionals. The course duration is of One Year u0026amp; Six Month, which include Ledger creation, Inventory management, TDS, Taxation, TDS, Payroll creation, Cash flow system  and include all the Concept of GST.

What is Accounting

Accounting is a business necessity for all kind of industries,institutes and all kind of small, medium and large-sized organizations. It is the systematic management of finance in terms of a collection of currency and maintenance of cash flow statement, by which management can analyze financial calculation in business management.
Nowadays the entire operation of accounts is professionally being done with the help of software like ERP (Enterprise resource planning) which include ledger creation, Inventory management, Tax Deduction at the source and payroll creation.Globally need of accounting financial professional increasing day by day due to the expansion of corporate giants and multinational by which every business house need to establish their permanent accounts
department, to Translate actual calculation of billing, taxpaying, and employee payroll, which generate employment in accounting sector.

Purpose of Tally

Tally is software designed for the purpose of helping business organizations and it gives some great benefits like :
• It is less expensive on Data collection.
• In tally, it is easy to move and access data and also no loss of data.
• It is used in both industries like large scale industries and small-scale industries.
• It is very much important for the business accounts management and easy for day to day use.
• Tally training also helps in making reports which are prepared manually

   We provide best Tally Course in Una


DURATION : THREE MONTH, SIX MONTH , ONE YEAR Course Content and Syllabus for Tally course in UNA

 HAPTER 1: Tally Have a Look

• Introduction of Tally ERP 9
• Creation of a Company
• Base Currency Information
CHAPTER 2: Accounts Information
• Accounts Info
• Ledger Creation
CHAPTER 3: Voucher Entries
• Voucher.
• Contra Voucher.
• Payment Voucher.
• Receipt Voucher.
• Journal Voucher.
CHAPTER 4: Purchase & Sales Entries
• Purchase Mode.
• Sale Entry Mode.
• Debit Note Mode.
• Credit Note Mode.
• CHAPTER 5 Compound Journal Entries
• Compound Journal Entries.
• Report Analysis.
• Balance Sheet.
• P u0026amp; L Account.
• Ratio Analysis.
• Additional Accounting Features
• Cost Center and Cost Category.
• Cost Categories.
• Budget.
• Bank reconciliation.
• Set Credit Limit.
• Inventory Information
• Inventory Information.
• Inventory Configurations u0026amp; Features.
• Creating a Location/Godown.
• Stock Items.
CHAPTER 5:- Purchase Process with Inventory Mode
• Purchase order process.
• To create a Purchase Order.
• Receipt Note Voucher.
• Rejections out Voucher.
• Purchase Invoice.
• Debit Note.
• Sale Process with Inventory Mode
• Sales order processing.
• Delivery Note Voucher.
• Rejections in Voucher.
• Sale invoice.
• Credit Note.
CHAPTER 6: -Additional Inventory Features
• Using different Actual and Billed Quantities.
• Use additional cost for purchase.
• Use multiple price level.
• Separate discount column.
CHAPTER 7:- Job Costing
• Creating Cost Centre for Job Costing.
• Materials Consumption Summary Report.
• Enabling Job Costing.
• Job Costing.
• Job Work Analysis Report.
CHAPTER 8: -Advance Features for Inventory Management
• Manufacturing Company’s Accounting.
• Bill of Materials.
• Creating Bill of Materials for a Stock Item.
CHAPTER 9:- Additional Features for Accounting – 1
• Interest Calculation.
• Interest calculations on outstanding balances.
• Interest calculation transaction by transaction.
• Interest Calculation in Advance Mode.
• Report on Interest Calculated on outstanding transactions/bills.
• Reversing Journals.
• Memorandum Voucher.
• Scenario Creation for non accounting vouchers.
CHAPTER 10:-Additional Features for Accounting
• Post Dated Vouchers.
• Optional Voucher.
• CHAPTER 4: Purchase process with Inventory mode
• Point of Sale.
• Cash Memo.
• Multi-Currency.
CHAPTER 11: -Work Contract
• Job work in Order Process.
• Job work out Order Process.
• Material In.
• Material Out.
CHAPTER 12: Payroll
• Introduction
• Payroll Info
• Creating Employee Groups
• Creating Payroll Unit
CHAPTER 13:- Payment of Salary
• Voucher Type.
• Attendance
• Payroll
CHAPTER 14:- Contribution of Employer
• Creating Bonus Pay Head
• Creating Employee’s NPS Deduction Pay Head
• Creating Employer’s EPS Contribution Pay Head
• Creating Employer’s EPF Contribution Pay Head
• Creating Employer’s ESI Contribution Pay Head
• Creating Employer’s NPS Contribution Pay Head

CHAPTER 15:- Payroll Reports

• To view Payroll Reports
• Single Pay Slip
• Payroll Statement creating Employee Groups
• Payroll Register
• Attendance Reports

CHAPTER 16:-Creating Attendance/Production Types

• Creating Attendance Type
• Creating Pay Heads
• Creating Earnings Pay Head

CHAPTER 17:-Various Pay Heads

• Creating Production based Earnings Pay Head.
• Creating Employee Deductions Pay Head.
• Creating Employee’s Statutory Deductions Pay Head.

CHAPTER 18:-Employer’s Other Charges

• Creating Salary Advance Deduction Pay Head
• Creating Gratuity Pay Head
• Creating Employer’s Other Charges Pay Heads

CHAPTER 19:- Income Tax

• Taxable salary
• Professional Tax
• Gratuity Report

CHAPTER 20:- Payroll Statutory Reports

• To view the Payroll Statutory Reports
• Payroll Statutory Pay Head Details
• Provident Fund Reports
• Gratuity Report

CHAPTER 21: Overview of GST

• Introduction
• Definition
• Rates

CHAPTER 22:- Types of GST

• Overview
• I.G.S.T
• S.G.S.T
• C.G.S.T


• Meaning
• Transactions
• Implementations S.G.S.T in Tally ERP9
CHAPTER 24:- GST Returns
• GST returns Due date
• GST returns forms
CHAPTER 25:- Tax Collected at source
• Introduction
• TCS section u0026amp; Goods
• Features of TCS in Tally ERP9
• TCS Reports
• TCS Challan
• TCS Payment
• TCS Return u0026amp; Forms
• CHAPTER 4:-Registration in GST
• Types of Registration
• Registration Procedure
• Liability to Register
• Meaning
• Transactions
• Implementing I.G.S.T in Tally ERP9
• Meaning
• Transactions
• Implementing C.G.S.T in Tally ERP9


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Reasons for Choosing us to get Tally COURSE in UNA

VNEXT EDUCATION PVT LTD Provide computerized accounting Training on various software like Tally Erp 9, GST, PAYROLL ACCOUNTING.
• Training is Provided by Accounting Professionals.
• We have Excellent Evaluation system with Class test after completion of each topic.
• Latest Software and version used
• Assignments and Study material provided.
• 100% practical orientation.
• Basic Accounting Concept to Advance Accounting Concept
• Prepare students for interview and group discussions.
• Mock interviews to boost your confidence.

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Tally course in Una