What is Tally and GST

What is Accounting

Accounting is a business necessity for all kind of industries,institutes and all kind of small, medium and large-sized organizations. It is the systematic management of finance in terms of a collection of currency and maintenance of cash flow statement, by which management can analyze financial calculation in business management.
Nowadays the entire operation of accounts is professionally being done with the help of software like ERP (Enterprise resource planning) which include ledger creation, Inventory management, Tax Deduction at the source and payroll creation.Globally need of accounting financial professional increasing day by day due to the expansion of corporate giants and multinational by which every business house need to establish their permanent accounts
department, to Translate actual calculation of billing, taxpaying, and employee payroll, which generate employment in accounting sector.

Purpose of Tally

Tally is software designed for the purpose of helping business organizations and it gives some great benefits like :
• It is less expensive on Data collection.
• In tally, it is easy to move and access data and also no loss of data.
• It is used in both industries like large scale industries and small-scale industries.
• It is very much important for the business accounts management and easy for day to day use.
• Tally training also helps in making reports which are prepared manually

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